Two easy ways to get your Facebook Page verified

It has become essential to get your Facebook page verified especially if you are public figure or a popular brand. Getting your Facebook page verified helps you to portray an authentic image to your page followers. 

Facebook has been verifying several categories of pages including those of celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses among others.

While Facebook itself strives to get popular pages from above categories verified, it’s really easy to be missed out. So what can you do from your own part to get your Facebook page verified?

I have listed two easy ways in this post that can assist in getting your page verified. A bit of disclaimer before we get started – (Both these methods are from my experience of getting Facebook pages verified, they are NOT any official solution from Facebook. Facebook on its help page rather suggests that you can’t request to have your profile or Page verified).

A. First Facebook Verification Method:

This Facebook verification method should work for everyone, at least get in touch with Facebook. If Facebook really listens to your request might depend on several other factors. Follow the instructions below.

1. Make sure you are logged in your Facebook admin account that you want to get your Facebook page verified.

2. Visit the link below. It will open a Facebook help page titled – Request a Verified Badge.

3. You will need to select a page from the drop down menu as shown in the image below.

4. You will need to attach a photo of your ID for the public figure page or articles of incorporation for your page representing media, entertainment or sports company.

5. Official website is not compulsory but my experience tells me it speeds up the process and adds value to your application.

6. Click Send and you should get a notification saying Facebook has received your request.

B. Second verification Method:

This Facebook verification method seems to work only on popular Facebook pages. If you are a popular brand or public figure, I assume you have several interactions on your page. Follow the instructions below to see if this method works for you.

1. Login to your Facebook admin profile that you want your page to get verified.

2. From right corner of your admin profile, click on Use Facebook as: and select the page that you want to get verified.

3. You should receive a notification on top saying your Facebook page might be eligible to get verified with a Submit Request link.

4. Click on the submit link (This seems to be specific for a profile). The link will turn “this page isn’t available” for other Facebook profiles.

5. You should be able to see screen similar to the image below where you can now select the page that you got notification from.

6. If you have multiple pages under your profile, please make sure you select the specific page you got the notification from. While you can select any Facebook page from this dropdown menu, the request will only work for the page eligible for notification.

7. Choose a Page Category – “People” or “Company”.

8. You will need to upload a document from the list including “Passport Scan” and Driver’s License among others.

9. You can add your official website and additional comments to establish your relationship with the page.

10. You will receive an email saying that Facebook has received your report and they will get back to you within two business days.

11. If Facebook decides to verify your page, you should receive an email saying “Thank you for your request. I’m excited to let you know that your Page has been verified and you should be able to see a blue badge next to your Page’s name. It can take up to 24 hours for the blue badge to show up in search.”

Did the Facebook verification methods work for you? Leave your comments below or contact me if I can be of any help with the process.

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