The Web is getting younger [Infographics]

The world wide web turned 25 years old recently. But it is getting younger and younger day after day. How’s that?

 Well, we aren’t saying the web is getting younger through things like reverse aging. What we mean to say is that the internet is being used by younger people more so than ever. The internet is being accessed by a much younger age group than the age group that used to access it in the early years of the web.

The beautiful infographics below, created by webfx highlights the key stats about how the web is getting younger day by day. The infographics suggests several figures which justify the fact that the web is getting younger than ever at the present time.

The key stats from the above infographics are as follows:

  • In 2000, web was accessible to 40% people, now the access has reached to 82%.
  • 93% people of both 18-29 and 30-49 age group own cell phone.
  • 18-29 age group is the most active age group on social media at 88%.
  • 36% of the teens wish they could go back to the time when there was no Facebook.
  • Although 13 is the minimum age to have a Facebook account, there are more than 5 million users under age 10.
  • 28% of youth used to blog back in 2006, which is now reduced to 14%.
  • The current age when an average child begins to consume social media regularly is 8.
  • 4% of children 6 and under have Facebook.

What do you think about the web getting younger continuously? Do you think more younger people accessing the web is good? What can be the positive and the negative aspects about the web getting younger? Feel free to comment below.

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