Top 10 strategies to increase Facebook Page Likes

Facebook page-likes have become highly valuable assets in today’s world where social media has its impact in almost every way conceivable. The number of likes of a Facebook page has a great worth for the brand or the figure associated with it. The higher the number of likes, the more popular and successful the brand is considered. How much of a truth is behind this indicator is however an utterly different matter. Nevertheless, if a Facebook page has more likes, it at least means more people have heard of the party associated with the page and messages can be spread to wider range of people. So the first target of almost every Facebook page is to get as many likes as possible. They employ different strategies for the purpose, which yields to successes on varying scales.

Here, we least the ten of the best strategies to have a huge Facebook fanbase, which are reliable, easier and cheaper too.

10. Pick up a unique name and idea

Picking up a good and unique name as well as an intriguing idea is the trickiest part for a Facebook page. You’ve to choose a name that means something, the one which links to a particular idea or topic, about which many are interested. In the earliest days, there were so many you could choose but now, it’s difficult to find new ones. Nevertheless, you could do some research and find the one, of which you see a great potential. But if the page represents some real life entity like a business, person, place, etc., this idea doesn’t make much sense.

9. Choose the name that fits an occasion

The idea behind this is to make use of the crowd’s emotions, which may be happiness, anger or curiosity. When something is gathering attention all around, people are likely to notice the page associated with that particular thing, which will boost the fanbase in an incredible way. The pages like “Can this potato get more fans than Just Bieber” have employed this strategy. But this is just to get started. You have to develop it yourself on the long run.

8. Invite your friends, families and relatives

It’s the first step in increasing your fanbase. You just invite all of your Facebook friends, each and every one of them. You’ll get your first likes and fans through this. Just like your dear ones are the earliest of your friends, it’s not much different on Facebook too. For this, you don’t have to click “Invite” for each and every one of them. The easier way to accomplish the thing is mentioned in our earlier sociler article.

7. Post frequently and on regular intervals

By posting frequently, people will have more content to read on the page. The chances of likes and shares are more, which will help others to notice the page, on timeline, side bar and groups. Meanwhile, posting on regular intervals will separate the timing of the contents and people won’t have to browse through all the statuses all at once. This can be done easily by scheduling the updates.

6. Get people to invite their friends

You can ask your Facebook friends or even the fans to invite their friends. This will increase the fanbase significantly. This can be done in two ways, in a paid way and for free. What you can is that you can offer certain sum for every new like your friend gets, if you’re thinking of the paid way. This way, they’ll have some incentive. It can also be done for free, but there might not be much motivation and the idea may not work.

5. Invest on Facebook ads

Investing on Facebook ads is another great way. It’s all explained clearly on the admin panel of your Facebook page. Investing certain budget for a period of time will increase your page reach and also the page name will appear on the page of people who aren’t already a fan. It’ll extend the reach of the page name to more people and good things might follow.

4. Share the pagelink

The link to a Facebook page can be shared on different web spaces. It might be an arduous and daunting task but it will at least spread the name of the page to more people. You can share the link to the page on timelines, groups and even get more successful pages to share the link to the page. One desperate way is to paste the link on other page’s or peoples’ post as comment, or send the link as message to random strangers or even share the link as comments in other websites. This might not bring much fruit compared to the efforts. But you can give it a try.

3. Organize contests

Many pages have successfully organized contests which have significantly increased their fanbase. You could do the same to increase Facebook fanbase for yourself. Some of the contest examples are “The fan who has maximum mutual friends liking the page will be the winner”, “The individual with maximum likes on his/her entry for a contest will be awarded.”, “Like and share the page and one lucky winner will be awarded.” The idea is to use people themselves as your promoter by providing them with incentives.

2. Create and website or a blog linking to your page

This is a great and highly effective way to increase Facebook fanbase, suitable for almost every page. You need to create a website or a simple blog for your page. This way, more people will visit the website when they are directed by the search engines, when they’re searching for something. This will bring the page to notice of more people. But, content is king and you need to have significant amount of content on your page. On tips to increase traffic to a blog, visit our previous sociler article.

1. Be creative, genuine and interactive

You probably guessed it was coming. Well, the best way for a page to succeed is by maintaining your dedication towards the page. Share something interesting and inspiring content on your page. But don’t get carried away to post sensational but totally fake news, to gather the attention of more people. And, interact with your fans regularly whenever they’re commenting on your post and expressing their opinions. Develop a bond with your fans. This way, you may need more time but you are certain to increase Facebook fanbase on the long run.

Do you think the strategies we mentioned over here to increase Facebook fanbase are the most effective ones? Do you have other ones that come to your mind, and which are much more effective? Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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