What it takes to be a Young Entrepreneur? [Video]

Passionate of entrepreneurship and technology, two Icelandic entrepreneurs traveled around the US and Europe to interview few successful young startup founders. With a funding raised from kickstarter, the entrepreneurs then turned the series of video into a documentary called “The Startup Kids”. Released around a year ago, the documentary is an inspiring series of startup stories of popular young entrepreneurs.

So what does it really take to be a young entrepreneur? Watch the documentary video below from youtube and find out more!


Here’s the trailer if the above video doesn’t work for you.

The original full documentary video can be purchased and downloaded from itunes here.

Featured in the video are the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero and Dropbox among others that talk about how they started their company and their life as an entrepreneur.

You can also watch the insights behind the documentary video as presented by the two Icelandic entrepreneurs Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir.

Entrepreneurs often start young and their stories of success are immensely inspiring. The rapid growth of Internet and easy access to developing technology has reduced the barriers starting a business. Young people are constantly exploiting this opportunity of using Internet and technology to innovate and trying to be the next big entrepreneur.

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