10 Best Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic

Blogs have become major players in the web revolution of the twenty-first century. Internet and the world of web has brought significant changes in the way people think, learn, and share ideas today. Blogs, in particular have been crucial in providing this considerable boost to the power of web. Often easier to create and manage, blogs have become a great way to share ideas and opinions of people.

When one’s ideas are to be shared or some point of view is to be brought upon the light of large mass, it is very important that the blog posts are viewed by large number of peoples. Besides, for monetization purpose too, the blog needs to reach larger mass. Higher the page views, the more rewarded is a blog, through advertisements and affiliate programs. And, the number of people visiting a blog is called its traffic. The first dream of almost every blogger is that his/her blog has a huge traffic.

So, what are the best ways to increase the traffic to a blog? Here, we provide you with insights into the most common and useful ways to increase traffic to a blog.

1. Create more content and on a regular basis

This is the most important technique. The more the content on the blog is, the higher is the chance to have visits to the blog. People do not visit a blog to kill their time, they come for content. When the content is more, the chances of a blog being directed to from search engines is also higher. Posting contents on regular basis is also important. This is because if there’s some routine, people are tempted to come back and visit the blog on regular basis.

2. Add quality to content

If there’s substance and quality in the articles written in a blog, the people are tempted to come back to visit the blog, say good words about it and promote it too, sometimes. Writing quality articles is very important for continuing and increasing traffic to a blog on the long run.

3. Optimize for search engine

If articles are optimized for search engine, the chances of a blog being visited when different subjects are searched for, is higher. This focuses on submission of the blog to search engines and creating keyword rich contents. The keywords searched more often on search engines are added in a greater number.

4. Tag the posts

Adding suitable tags, and while doing so, doing keyword research is very important for traffic health of a blog. They are also useful to direct users from search engines to blogs.

5. Use links more often

The blog posts, which contain more links, both internal links and external links are given higher priority by search engines. So adding suitable links within blog posts is a great way to increase blog traffic.

6. Share the links to articles

This means providing and sharing links to people in a manual way. This can be done in many ways. One way is to share on social media. They may be sent as message through emails or chats. They can also be shared as comments on various websites.

7. Add images to posts

They say a picture speaks more than thousand words. The users on internet are more likely to visit blogs with tempting images than the ones which don’t have one.

8. Use interesting titles

Using interesting titles, which tempt people to read the article is a very effective way to increase traffic. People are always more tempted to read articles with title like “How to be a successful entrepreneur in ten easy steps” than “Some entrepreneurial tips” even when both have same content.

9. Write articles on blogs with huge traffic, even if it is free

One way is to write paid articles on highly successful blogs, with large number of visitors. The other way is to do it for free, in the forms of guest posts. The idea behind this is that out of large number of visitors to those blogs, some may check out the author information mentioning the link to his/her own blog and there’s high chance some new visitors have been earned.

10. Increase social media followers

Increasing number of social media followers through likes on Facebook, follows on twitter and plusses on google plus is a great way to promote one’s blog. Every new blog post reaches the attention of a large number of internet users at once and many of them might be tempted to read the article too.

Do you know some other ways to increase traffic to blogs? If you do, please share below.

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