Twitter now has a guide for Journalists and Media

Twitter, as it continues to rise as a communicative and informative tool is becoming more useful for reporting and sharing stories. A lot of stories break through this micro blogging site and quickly gain popularity. Media is using this tool as never before and thus engaging more and more reporters and journalists to use this effectively. While there are Social media norms and regulations for journalists from their respective media houses to make use of this tool, Twitter itself coming up with a guide to help journalists looks impressive.

Twitter for News rooms (#TfN) helps media houses find resources to help journalists at every step of the reporting and publishing process. Well, there’s nothing new info except organized form of helping newbie on the sites. Anyone using twitter for sometime should have explored out all these themselves in the mean time. And most of the information, I believe, was already available on help section of Media guidelines on twitter. However, popular social media sites like Twitter coming up with a separate guide for media shows the influence Social media has made on our news. Recently, Facebook also launched a separate page for Journalists.

Here’s what Twitter media has to say in it’s about section;

“It’s our goal to help creative professionals in news, TV, sports and entertainment use Twitter effectively. The development of #TfN was a cross-company collaboration, so thanks to @Support, @TwitterSearch, @TwitterMobile and the rest of the @Twitter team. This is a living document, so there will be more to come here in #TfN.”

Explore the Twitter for News rooms Guide. Do you use twitter for reporting purposes? Let us know in the comments below.

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